Other sources For My Jottings

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written something down on this blog, so I figured I’d do a quick roundup of a couple of other blogs where my writings reside.


This is where it all began


About 3 years ago, the CNIB was looking into delving in the emergin scene of social media. I was the ghiney Pig, if you will, for such an endeavor. I was tasked to write a blog entry on pretty much any topic I wanted. The first few were all about screen reader-based material, but the entries become more general the further you go. You can find all of my CNIB blog entries by following the link above.


Guest Blogger


Recently, I was invited to write a bit about myself and the experience I’ve had with the use of guide dogs. The author of the blog, dogs 24-7, Becky White stopped me while I was walking to get my morning coffee. You never know who you’ll meet while walking around the neighborhood. You can read the Blog Entry by following this link.





About mcourcel

I work within the Information Technology industry. More precisely, within the accessibility field. Oddly enough, I'm trying out WordPress to evaluate its ease of use and just to tinker with various topics of my choosing.
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