Importing and Exporting Files within iTunes Via the Keyboard

This blog entry was written up out of frustration and perhaps, it will relieve yours. Recently, (maybe an hour ago), I was trying to figure out how to move files from my iPhone to the PC. Turns out it’s very easy, although not very apparent. I’m here to clear up this technical mud. First off, connect the iDevice to your PC. This should launch iTunes automatically. If it doesn’t, go to your Desktop and click on the icon there.


In order to make navigation a bit easier, you’ll need to have sidebar activated within iTunes. Press ALT+V to go to the view menu and use your arrow keys to find the SideBar option. If it’s already activated, it will read as, “Hide SideBar”. If you find “show SideBar”, then press ENTER to activate it. You need only to do this once in order to have it there by default. Close iTunes and we will all start from the same point.


Let’s Start Playing:

Let’s open up iTunes again. You should land on something called “sources TreeView”. This is the SideBar area. You may have to TAB and SHIFT+TAB to jiggle it into action for some reason.

From here, press the letter D to bring you straight down to the Devices Sources TreeView. Press the DOWN ARROW in order to get onto your iDevice. Are you with me up to here? I hope so. This is where the fun begins. TAB through the various selections until you get to the Apps radio button. Press the SPACEBAR to select. The screen will get busy, but fear not. Everything is accessible with TAB and SHIFT+TAB. I sure do wish they would implement some shortcut keys in this program. TAB until you find the Apps Table TreeView. This is the list of all apps on your iDevice and anything else you ever installed on it and decided to get rid of. You can use the UP and DOWN ARROWS in order to go through these apps. Press the SPACEBAR to check the ones you want to keep or uncheck the ones you want to get rid of. Let’s continue to our real purpose here; moving files.


Continue TABBING along. After about 8 TABS, you should reach the File Sharing area. TAB a few more times to get to the APPS TreeView area. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to go through all of the apps that have file sharing capabilities.

Once you have found the app with which you would like to share files, press TAB to the Documents area. This is where iTunes lists the files currently attached to this app on your iDevice. To add files in this area, you’ve guessed it, TAB to the “Add” button and press the Spacebar. A typical Windows based dialog comes up. Choose the files as you would usually do and press ALT+O to continue, or TAB to the “open” buttton and press ENTER.

Alternatively, if you want to move files from the iDevice to your PC, highlight the file you would like to move by using your ARROW keys, TAB once past the “add” button to the “Save to” button and press the SPACEBAR. A normal folder windows dialog pops up. Choose the destination folder, TAB to select folder and press ENTER.

Please note, you can also delete files by pressing the delete key on the filename within the list area.

That’s all there is to it. The biggest challenge is navigating the iTunes environment with the lowly TAB and SHIFT+TAB.

Feel free to comment on this entry if you need further clarification.

Happy file manipulation!

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