Another Talking Alarm?

Another Talking Alarm?


For any of you who have had the privilege of spending some quality time with yours truly, you will undoubtedly know that I have a fixation, nay a fascination with all hardware or software that tracks time. Why, just recently, my significant other was “commenting” on the amounts of windup clocks I have in my possession. You can have a listen to them via this Audioboo demo here:


At any rate, my intent today was not to drone on and on about windup clocks. I actually have an iDevice App I wanted to share with my oh so faithful readers. It is a free app called “talkingAlarm” (one word), by the folks at Fortuisoft.

Follow this link for a quick description and iDevice download link:


How does it work?

Launch the app as you would any other and you are up and running. There are two controls, 3 if you count the ads on the main screen. One is a volume control and the other is an unlabeled button that brings you into the settings area. However, before we go there, let us demonstrate the features you already have access to. In order to do this you will have to disable VoiceOver. Hopefully, you have setup the Triple home click accessibility toggle. If not you can find it under settings, general, accessibility, accessibility shortcut. Set it to VoiceOver. You only have to set it once, or whenever VoiceOver decides to crash on you, which is seldom, fortunately.


Anyway, we all back now? From within TalkingAlarm, triple press the home button to turn off VoiceOver. Now do a single tap on the screen. You should hear a pleasant voice, let us call him William, speak the current time. Do a double tap and you will hear him rhyme off the next appointments within a 24-hour block of time. Finally, press it 3 times and he will give you the weather forecast.



How do we setup alarms you ask? Remember that unlabeled button? Turn VoiceOver back on with the triple click home toggle and then activate that aforementioned button.

Select one of the days on that screen and then the time, sound snoozing feature and music selection. You can even wake up to your own pre-recorded message. Once done, go back to the main settings screen and the alarm is set.


You can investigate the main settings screen on your own, as it is quite self-explanatory. There are tons of bells and whistles to play with and you can even do an in-app purchase in order to remove the ads.

This app reeks of simplicity and I smell a winner.



    Launch the app,

    Turn off VoiceOver, (Triple Home click),

    Single tap for time,

    Double tap for Appointments,

    And Triple tap for weather forecast.

    Sleep,

    Snooze,

    Wake up!


Please note that your iDevice will not be in lock mode while this app is running. The developer recommends using TalkingAlarm while charging. I have not tried it on battery power as of yet, so cannot comment on how tough it is on energy consumption. Visit this link for the FAQ page:


Happy snoozing!

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