Employment for People With Disabilities

For most of who read this, you may already know that I am a blind individual. For those who don’t, surprise! It’s not something I hide, nor can I; what with my cute black lab guide dog. But, when it comes to life’s challenges, such as applying for a job, or even finding a life partner, divulging that I had a disability was never the first thing on my mind. For me, being blind has always been of a lesser concern. It’s not to say that I haven’t confronted adversity, or have been denied experiences because someone else deemed it to be too difficult, or dangerous for me. Anybody who visits my work cubicle and sees my skydiving certificate will realize that there is more to Martin than just being blind.

As for job interviews and the like, my parents have always told me to “show people your best side.” I guess what they meant by that was to show your potential employer your virtues and don’t be shy to sell yourself. It also doesn’t hurt that I bring all of my access technology to all interviews and demo their benefits. This in turn, breaks down the possible barriers that an employer might have and they can evaluate you as they would any other candidate. Despite all of my efforts, there have been some disappointing interviews where my disability became an issue, but I figure, it’s their loss, not mine.

With this preamble, I present to you an interesting entry of a woman dealing with a physical disability and her own experiences when applying for a job.
Employment for People With Disabilities is Dire

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I work within the Information Technology industry. More precisely, within the accessibility field. Oddly enough, I'm trying out WordPress to evaluate its ease of use and just to tinker with various topics of my choosing.
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