It’s all about perspectives

For those who know me, you’ll inevitably have seen how I will shamelessly sacrifice myself for a good joke. Well, that content is more suited to Facebook, but nevertheless. I happened upon an NY Times Opinion piece Entitled: “How to really see a blind person”. It was well-written and did have some interesting content, but what hit me was how when I started comparing notes and wondering how I would react in the situations he describes, I realized
our experiences were so different simply because of perspective.
For example, For him, going through an airport is a nightmare. For me, it’s a chance to meet new people and
crack jokes with staff and security. For him, blindness is an obstacle, for me, it’s an ice breaker.


Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I have pity parties, but again, it’s all perspective. There is no correct way to deal with blindness and we all cope differently. I guess I’m simply saying that I appreciate who I have become and enjoy laughing at myself. Being blind can be a regular sitcom, if you have the right perspective.



How To Really See A Blind Person



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