Video games. Yeah, blind people play them too

Video games have always been somewhat of a passtime for me; especially when I was a teenager during those long Winterpeg months.  Oddly enough, I was always attracted to games with intricate sound environments.  My favorite game was one created on the old Coco2 from Radioshack called “Dungeons of Daggorath”.  There’s a port of the original game for windows 10 which you can find here:

Dungeon Of Daggorath Download

Because of how the sound design was constructed and the fact that you were confined, well to a dungeon, the game suited me perfectly.  The spiders, snakes, giants and knights would make their own particular sound and would grow louder the closer they got.  I memorized the 4 levels of the dungeons and was able to defeat “The big Boss” which turned out to be an old evil wizard.  Anyway, a game that was designed for sighted people was completed by a blind guy.  I’m sure I would have posted my gameplay on Youtube if it had been around.  Now you can do a search on that platform and find multiple blind people playing off-the-shelf games just as well as any sighted person because of accidental accessibility.  But, the times, they are a   changin.  I won’t get into too much of that just now, as I have gone longer than I had expected, but you can find more about the proposed legislation here: New games must comply to accessibility guidelines after FCC waivers.

So there’s that.  But then, fast-forward to five years ago.  Well, that would be rewind, but nevertheless, I had a chance meeting with a guy named David Evans.  He had this idea of creating an audio game for the blind.  Granted, it’s not a shiny new concept; you can find tons of audio-based games throughout the interweb (yes I said interweb), but what he was bringing to the table was, in my humble opinion, refreshing.  Apply the same sort of creativity and quality to an audio-based game which would be for the most part designed for blind gamers, but would have enough appeal to pull in sighted gamers as well.  But enough of my reminiscing. Let’s let David tell us in his own words why he decided to start on this project.  We were both interviewed in the “Niagara this week” newspaper.  You can follow this link to read the story.

St. Catharines company creates video games for the visually impaired

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