I Haven’t a Clew

It may seem that I don’t know how to spell, but turns out I found an interesting and intriguing little app. Clew is a way-finding utility that instead of relying on infrastructure such as beacons, uses the camera on the iPhone to record video and generates a breadcrumb-like map for the user to follow. Here’s what happens:
 The user taps on the “Start recording” button within the app,
 The user then walks with the phone’s camera pointing away from them, recording their surroundings,
 Once arrived at their destination, the user taps “Stop Recording”,
 The user can then tap on “Start Navigation” and “Get Directions”. The phone will then guide them by means of speech and sound effects back to their original starting point.

That’s mainly all there is to the app at present, but I imagine the app developer will add features such as saving routes, or sharing routes at a later date. Although this is a way-finding app geared towards blind users, I can imagine that once other features are added to the app, more people would find this rather handy.
You can find the app detailed description, a link to the IOS app store along with a video here:
Clew App Page

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I work within the Information Technology industry. More precisely, within the accessibility field. Oddly enough, I'm trying out WordPress to evaluate its ease of use and just to tinker with various topics of my choosing.
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